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It’s The Relationships, Stupid – 2013 Wrap Up (Part 2 of 2)

It is this time every year, as I am wrapping things up over at “social media and employment law blog” central, that I am reminded of that election campaign more than twenty years ago when Bill Clinton coined the phrase

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Lessons From Naked Pictures

What can your company take away from allegations of pornography?

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Double Take – An NLRB Win For Employers?

Did the NLRB just say “case dismissed”?

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Done With Lady Gaga

Can Lady Gaga still help employers?

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What’s Not To Like About Protected Speech?

To like or not to like – Can we renew the question?

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Going Gaga Over Wage And Hour Obligations

Are you going Gaga over paying your employees?

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Post Summer Part 5 of 5 – Continuing the Discovery

Can an employer discover whether its employee is taking breaks on Facebook?

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Post Summer Part 4 of 5 – Logos, Lids and Lenses

Can an employer require employees to wear only company logos, and forbid employees from taking pictures of company logos?

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Post Summer Part 3 of 5 – Passive Recipient or Active Trickery?

If an employee’s Facebook post can reasonably support an adverse job action, does it matter how the employer acquired the post?

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