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Part 2 of 2 – New “Employment Law Now” Podcast Episode

Been waiting anxiously for this for two weeks? A new episode of my “Employment Law Now” podcast has just been released today!

In today’s episode, I update you on the DOL’s significant next step on the road toward amending the overtime exemption rules, and also provide the 2nd part of my two-part interview with former EEOC General Counsel David Lopez, who offers terrific insight on issues such as how the EEOC determines its strategic plan and what cases to take on, how he responds to employer perception that the EEOC has become more activist and pro-employee, and recent noteworthy cases involving transgender, wage and age discrimination (listen to the July 20th episode for Part 1 of the interview).

If you have already subscribed, you got it automatically in your feed today.  If not, you won’t want to miss this episode and here’s where you can find it:

  1. The episode is on iTunes HERE.
  2. The episode is also on my dedicated web site HERE.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend.   Thanks.   Mike

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