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Developing a Corporate Strategy to Address Known Risks

Matt Dunning at announced some eye-opening news:  “Despite its ubiquity in corporate communications and marketing, a startling percentage of companies has no formal strategy for addressing the liability exposures and reputational risks associated with social media, experts say.”  So, where would your company fall in that survey?

Employer Take Away:   What should you as an employer take away from this development?

You have read the blogs (like this one) which identify and analyze the significant issues attendant to social media and employment law.   You have read and heard about cyber-attacks and data breaches suffered by the likes of Target, Michael’s, and other companies (big and small).   Now that you know what the risks are, has your company consulted with the appropriate person to develop a corporate strategy for addressing those risks from insurance, workplace policy, and other risk-management perspectives?

Why not?

Sorry to interrupt you.   Have a great weekend.

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